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Andy Lonergan's Perfect Move: Good for Bolton?

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It was announced earlier today that Andy Lonergan has completed his transfer to the mighty Bolton Wanderers, and he has already completed the requisite interview with the official site. This signing seems a little out of the blue to me, and given that Lonergan has been used to getting the starting spot without a problem, going to freshly relegated club with a young, established goal keeper seems an old move for him.

On the matter, Andy himself said:

"I've come here to put pressure on Adam (Bogdan). I believe he was Player of the Year last season and did exceptionally well, so it's it going to be a challenge for both of us. But around the squad in general the competition is fierce.I've had the privilege of being the number one wherever I've been, so this is a change. It's going to be a challenge but you have to take challenges on."

"There's a fantastic squad - I was sat in the changing room today and you could see all the quality players here. There's a few of the lads I know pretty well from playing against like Matt Mills, while I used to play with Tyrone Mears. There are a few familiar faces in the backroom staff as well.

"I've played nearly 250 matches in this league and I've come close to getting out of it. The squad here is Premier League quality and I believe it is best placed to get promoted. This is the perfect move for me and I'm delighted that it has all gone through."

So what do you think? Was the Lonergan signing a good deal to keep Adam Bogdan on his toes, or is he surplus to requirements?