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Coyle Keen To Hold Onto Mark Davies

Look at him, he's already trying to escape Sunderland's grasp.
Look at him, he's already trying to escape Sunderland's grasp.

Rumors around Mark Davies are swirling and they all say that Bolton's central midfielder is set to leave this summer. Owen Coyle is having none of that. According to Bolton Wanderers' manager, there have been no bids for the 24-year-old.

Coyle said of the situation:

"It's just the usual paper speculation and conjecture, and for anybody out there who thinks what happened to Bolton Wanderers and losing our place in the Premier League would mean any of our players will be leaving on a whim, they're sadly mistaken."

Rumors have mentioned Davies, an ever-present name in the Bolton starting XI, moving to the likes of Liverpool and sunderland for as much as £6.5 million. Coyle told BBC Radio Manchester:

"I'm an open book and I've always told you if there's been interest in my players.

"There have been no phone calls, no dialogue, nothing about Mark Davies."

The gaffer believes that keeping hold of the young players is the future of Bolton Wanderers and he's very much right.

"We've got young players tied up on long-term contracts because that's the future of the club. They'll move us on and take us back to the Premier League, I believe.

"Mark Davies, Adam Bogdan, Chung-Yong Lee - these are all lads that I've tied up on long-term contracts and we did that because we want them to be the nucleus of the team that drives us forward.

"As far as I'm concerned, all of those players are scheduled to be with us next season and looking to get us back into the Premier League."

What do you think? Would you like Mark Davies to stay or go?