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Fabrice Muamba Retires From Professional Football

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Last week, Fabrice Muamba travelled to Belgium in order to meet with renowned heart specialist Pedro Brugada in hopes of learning whether or not he will be able to play football again, professional or otherwise. Muamba was not really given a straight answer about his future but was instead told that he would require additional "minor" heart surgery. Now, a week after the fact, a verdict for Fabrice has been returned.

Sadly, the central defensive midfielder and fan favorite will not play again professionally. The doctors have determined that it is not in Fabrice's best interests to continue a professional career as his health is far and away the most important thing. As a result, Muamba has been forced to officially retire from the professional game at the age of 24. We'll all agree that having Fabrice Muamba back on the field in a Bolton Wanderers shirt would have been an incredible sight but that his health and future are the only things that matter.

We hope that Fab stays on with Bolton Wanderers in any capacity and most importantly, we're glad he's still with us.

More will come as it develops.