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Fabrice Muamba retires, Newspapers React.

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It's a sad announcement, I think we all hoped Fabrice Muamba would make it all the way back, even if it was for a brief appearance. A variety of thoughts and feelings have been expressed in the few hours following this announcement. We have tried to collect them for you here.

The Sun has a fairly long piece with several photos and a lot of information from both Muamba and the club's statement.

As you might imagine, the BBC plays it fairly straight. They will probably have something up shortly from a pundit with a bit more of an emotional take.

The Independent focuses on Fabrice's personal statement, and how lucky he feels he has been in his life.

The Guardian spoke to Owen Coyle, who was predictably positive and forward-looking.

The FA have an official announcement on their website, identifying Fabrice as a former England Under-21 captain.

On the other side of the Atlantic, The Washington Post quickly (and prominently) displayed a very short article from the Associated Press in the DC United/soccer section of the website.

The Daily Mail had the news up early this morning, accompanied by the full statement Fabrice released, a photo essay, and a timeline of his life thus far. It's a really nice job by the Mail actually.

This is just a general smattering of the hundreds (if not thousands) of articles that will be published today about Fabrice Muamba. The Lion of Vienna Suite will have full coverage as well.