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Bolton Close To Closing Deals For Sanchez & Afobe?

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It wouldn't be summer transfer season without a series of irritating will-he-won't-he transfer sagas. That said, Owen Coyle has been pretty good this summer about wrapping those deals up in the end. The club has already brought in a number of new players after long rumour trains, namely Matt Mills and Keith Andrews, and it would not be a surprise if Coyle also pulled off the shaky transfers of Benik Afobe and Carlos Sanchez

After the Morecambe match earlier today, Bolton News journalist Marc Iles, the man closest to the club tweeted these:

While the club will always tend towards the positive side of these things, especially where Afobe is concerned, I would take these tweets as good indicators that both deals still on the probable side of possible. The Sanchez move is more difficult, but given that the two clubs have already done business this transfer window, it could still happen without much fuss. Of course these deals are not at all linked, but hopefully by this time next week Bolton will have two more Wanderers.