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Case of Mistaken Identity Prompts Chung-Yong Lee Rumour

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Transfer silly season can suspend even the best judgement. Suddenly everyone is going everywhere, all for outrageous amounts of money. However sometimes things get just too silly. Today, a picture of Chung-Yong Lee at the Britannia was making the rounds on Twitter, which put the rumour machine in full effect, including apparently prompting Sky Sports News to post a transfer rumour story, Chung-Yong Lee to Stoke. Unfortunately for Stoke, that picture was not of the esteemed Chung-Yong Lee, but of some random Asian guy.

If you've spent any amount of time looking at Chungy (and I have spent rather a lot of time myself), it's immediately clear that this man is not the Korean super kid. The rumour in and of itself is understandable, Chungy is a player of immense talent, and it would not be surprising at all if he decided to move away from his relegated club. Earlier in the summer, Manchester United made a similar mistake, originally putting Park Ji-Sung's picture in place of their new signing Shinji Kagawa's. It's this sort of potential casual racism that really spices up the otherwise tedious transfer season.

If anyone has a screen shot of the story, we'd love to see it.