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Fabrice Muamba Could Return to Action

We <em>could</em> see this again?
We could see this again?

We've been tentatively reporting about Fabrice Muamba's progress for 4 and a half months now and, thankfully, it's been all good news. It's easy to remember the fear felt on March 17th for Fab's life, at the time his football future didn't seem important at all, just that he made it through. And made it through, Fabrice Muamba certainly has. Not only that, but he may be able to grace the football pitch again after all.

Since his collapse Fabrice has maintained a policy of living life to the fullest, including attending many glamourous events across the nation, including carrying the Olympic torch. He spent today in the, admittedly dubious, company of Piers Morgan, which culminated in an interview in which he divulged a number of things. First of all, and unsurprisingly, Fabrice hasn't exactly really waited to get back on the pitch. In May he spent some time in Dubai, continuing his recovery, and took part in a match (however medically unwise?) between hotel staff and other guests. He played about 30 minutes and said "it was great".

Next week the miracle man will make a trip to Belgium to visit heart specialist Pedro Brugada, who has operated on Muamba in the past. The doctor will determine whether Fabrice could possibly return to his career, fitted with a special defibrillator. The life of a professional athlete is very demanding on a day to day basis, and a man like Muamba needs to be very careful.That said, it would incredible to see him back in a Wanderers shirt. Before his collapse, he was one of the most promising young players on the team, and I would love to see him achieve some of that. Once again, good luck Fabrice!