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Jay Spearing Deal Hits the Rocks

Well, at least we know he can wear a white shirt.
Well, at least we know he can wear a white shirt.

After some extremely overconfident stories being posted by questionable sources, claiming Jay Spearing's move from Liverpool was all but complete, a few days later there is unsurprisingly no more news of the deal. It appears other clubs have stirred on the matter, and Bolton won't be prising him from Liverpudlian fingers without a fight. The other clubs in for the midfielder reportedly include Aston Villa, Queens Park Rangers, and Southampton. Of course, there is no real news on the matter, there rarely is, but with just two days left in the transfer window, time is running out for Coyle to work his magic.

The last the boss said on the matter was after Bolton's disappointing cup loss to Crawley Town. He said,

"It's more complicated than people think. It isn't just a case of going out and bringing him in. Jay Spearing is a very good player and there's a lot of competition for that lad's signature. All we can do is our very best, and we'll continue to do that. I can't say right now that he's going to sign tomorrow morning because there is huge interest in him from clubs much bigger than ourselves. We'll see what transpires."

The addition of Spearing to Bolton's flagging midfield could be just what the club needs until the return of the prodigal Stuart Holden, but transfers like these are always a gamble. It is also true that supporters need to remain realistic about how appealing a prospect Bolton is right now. After enjoying some seasons in the sun, it is a club that is realistically on the verge of crisis if things don't turn around within the next season. Coyle will certainly have to use all of that fabled charisma if he is to seal this deal.