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Super John McGinlay Calls For Calm

Super John McGinlay
Super John McGinlay

It really is no secret that Bolton Wanderers fans are becoming frustrated as the team sits on four points after three league games. There are murmurs of fans emailing Phil Gartside and asking (not so nicely) for Owen Coyle's figurative head and there is a petition (with only a few signatures) making the rounds demanding that the manager be sacked. To be clear, we do not condone any of this.

It is also not a secret that Bolton legend Super John McGinlay is a fan of the club. In fact, he has the Bolton Wanderers crest tattooed on his bicep. Super John, like the rest of the fans, is watching for the sidelines. He also sees the pressure mounting on the management. As a result, McGinlay wants the fans to be a little more patient as he quickly sees the Reebok reverting back to the Gary Megson days.

Speaking to the Bolton News, McGinlay Said:

"We've started on the wrong foot,

"Relegation meant we were already on a low but then at least we had the anticipation of a fast start. That hasn't come, and I can understand why people are upset. It hasn't been good enough.

"What we've got to remember is that by carrying that feeling into games, it won't do any good.

"There's nothing worse than playing in a negative atmosphere - just ask anyone who stepped on the pitch while Gary Megson was in charge - because it spreads right through the team. All of a sudden people are making bad passes or hiding from the ball.

"It is hard to take at the moment but we have got to stay behind the team. If it goes wrong, then criticise and ask the question, but give them that chance."

McGinlay, a veteran of the lower leagues, helped Bolton reach the Premier League in 1995. He was also the club's top scorer that season despite a number of injury setbacks. He believes that the players who didn't step up against Crawley Town need to start putting in their fair share:

"They have got to start stepping up because they are letting the manager down, not the other way round," he said.

"He was given the job to cut everything back, and he did it. The club is cutting their cloth accordingly now and he's working on a lower budget.

"That's no excuse, and the buck stops with him, but the players are better than they are showing.

"We want out of this league and Owen knows that. But I think he's being let down at the moment because players are not doing themselves justice. They are not all playing for the team.

You have got to battle in this league or you've got no chance."