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UPDATE: Agent Demands Force Bolton Wanderers To Say No To Sanchez

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Many Bolton fans will remember the transfer saga with then-Arsenal youngster Carlos Vela. The Trotters looked all set to sign the forward on a six month loan deal before Bolton Wanderers decided to walk away. Owen Coyle had apparently agreed a loan fee and wages for Vela but were forced to scrap the deal after Vela's agent demanded payment.

Now, with the Carlos Sanchez deal hanging in the balance, it looks like Wanderers have had to say "nope" thanks to one of Sanchez's agents.

UPDATE: Alan Nixon has published his Mirror story detailing why Bolton have abandoned the Sanchez chase. You can read the full thing here. Below is just a snippet:

But the demand for £40,000-a-week over three years stunned them.

Sanchez's agents also want £2m up front for a man nicknamed The Rock AND a free transfer if Bolton aren't promoted at the end of the coming season.

Fuming Trotters boss Owen Coyle immediately cancelled the negotiations, leaving Sanchez without a club less than a fortnight before the start of the English season.

Over the weekend, Bolton Wanderers met with Carlos Sanchez and offered him a take-it-or-leave-it deal over the weekend after apparently having grown tired of the extended transfer drama. After having dealt with the situation for weeks and weeks, it looks like both sides will walk away from the deal thanks to a surprise demand from Sanchez's agent.

The Mirror's Alan Nixon promised a story regarding whether Sanchez had accepted the offer or not and while nothing has been published at the time of writing, Nixon has been explaining the situation on his Twitter account:

Sanchez deal off. Agent came off with a stupid demand today, more than twice figures being discussed. Told to do one. No way back.

Feel sorry for player. Very badly advised. Laughable really.

This is about the third agent who has been working for him. Forget him.

Sanchez agent got fired off quite a few hours ago ...

Agent and player paid for flights. Said earlier. That is only consolation. Feel a bit for player. Agent mad.

Now that Sanchez looks to be gone, it looks as though Coyle will have to find another card up his sleeve.