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Ex-Wanderer Paul Robinson on Trial with Toronto FC

There was a little too much of this from Paul Robinson for my taste.
There was a little too much of this from Paul Robinson for my taste.

We gave Paul Robinson a hard time when he played for us. He was like that nerdy kid in school that you felt bad about teasing, but he just made it so easy. Except Robbo wasn't really nerdy, and probably did deserve a lot of that criticism. Needless to say, not many tears were shed in the ranks of Trotters fans when Robinson was let go this summer. He spent some time at Leeds on loan last season, but they declined to pick him up and he is still searching for a club. This has apparently brought him over the pond.

A few days ago, Sky Sports News was reporting the rumour that Paul Robinson was on trial with MLS side Toronto FC, and today it was confirmed that he was training with the club. Our SB Nation colleagues at Waking the Red, the TFC blog said this about him,

"The 33 year old is primary a left back and would be looked to provide depth and leadership in a position that is currently quite shallow beyond Ashtone Morgan. He certainly would be the physical kind of player that Mariner seems to like and his experience playing in the Premier League against some of England's top clubs would be a bonus for TFC."

I personally have very little knowledge of MLS, and he could be a good fit in Toronto, he is only 33 which really isn't too old for a fullback, but it seems a bit of a strange move for Robinson. Unless he can secure a starting place, that is a long way to move to sit on the bench.

Of course, he wouldn't be alone in MLS, as other former Bolton player, Andy O'Brien is playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps. O'Brien spent two seasons with Leeds United, but was quite clearly told to move on when his squad number was given to a new signing in May. At the beginning of this month, he moved on a free transfer to Vancouver.

While we were never big fans of Robbo when he was at the club, we do wish him the best in the rest of his career.