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Bolton Wanderers' Managerial Staff and Sammy Lee

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Bolton Wanderers lost today. It was a bad loss to a Hull City side managed by Steve Bruce after the Trotters had done so well to go ahead in the early stages. The team was plagued by many of the same problems that led to their demise last season. The defense once again allowed too much space and after Bolton Wanderers lost the lead, there was no real fight to get back into the match.

As part of the ongoing debates on whether Owen Coyle's time is up or not and just what can be done to get Bolton back into winning ways, we have come to the realization that we really don't know much about the staff behind Owen Coyle.

Sandy Stewart - Assistant Manager

A former left back that spent his entire career in Scotland, Stewart finished his playing career at Airdrie United (who dissolved as Airedrionians in 2002) in 2005. From 2002 to 2005, Stewart was player manager of the club before taking the helm full time until 2007. Owen Coyle had spent two spells at the club, sharing time with Stewart on both occasions. Stewart then promoted Owen Coyle to be his assistant manger. After Coyle left to further his managerial career at St. Johnstone, Stewart followed suit.

Steve Davis - First Team Coach

Davis, another former defender, spent his career as a center back, plying his trade in England. Steve Davis spent the majority of his playing career at Burnley, amassing more than 300 appearances for the Clarets. In 2005, Steve Davis came back to Burnley after retirement to take on a scouting role while then-manager Steve Cotterill groomed him for a coaching position. After Cotterill was sacked by Burnley, Davis was a favorite to replace him before the board handed Owen Coyle the job.

Both of these names are pretty anonymous to Bolton fans. No one really knows what their jobs entail or what they contribute to the club. Judging by Bolton's recent performances (read: the last 18 months), it becomes increasingly clear that defense and tactics are not their strong suits. One really has to wonder if a number of Bolton's problems would be fixed by replacing one of the assistants instead of Coyle.

Sammy Lee, the former assistant manger under Big Sam Allardyce and caretaker manager following Big Sam's resignation, is back at Bolton as of last season. He is currently working with the youth squad alongside former Bolton players Tony Kelly and David Lee. Little Sam was on the bench for so many of Bolton's great moments in the Allardyce era. Having been part of that and being an assistant for Liverpool, you would have to think that Sammy Lee has the knowledge to help Bolton out. Do you think it's worth a try?