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Bolton Lining Up Romeu Switch?

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It's been long rumoured that Gary Cahill's transfer to Chelsea included a clause allowing Bolton to loan a Chelsea player if they so desired. The Trotters declined to take advantage of this over the summer, but now the loan window has opened up for the club, and the opportunity is there. A name being thrown around once again is Oriol Romeu.

However, as mentioned in our post when the loan window first opened up, Bolton has a fairly big squad already, with at least decent cover at almost every position, and an absolute plethora of defensive minded midfielders, which would make Romeu surplus to requirements. However, he is supposed to be able to play as a central defender, probably Bolton's largest weak spot at the moment, thanks to the long term injury of David Wheater.

Our buddies over at We Ain't Got No History have already discussed the possibility of a Romeu loan, albeit to Malaga not Bolton. While as things stand, it looks as though he may not get much playing time with the Blues this season, with the loan of Michael Essien to Real Madrid complete it does make sense to keep Romeu around as cover. Romeu's last appearance for Chelsea was in a 4-1 loss to Liverpool near the end of last season. He did make a few appearances for Spain in the Olympics over the summer.

Overall, it seems this loan doesn't make that much sense for either party, not that a little thing like sense has stopped Bolton in the past. What would be really ideal is if Chelsea would just give us Gary Cahill back, but as that is going to happen never, Bolton should hold out on using the Chelsea loan card until there's a player who would actually fit with the club.