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Owen Coyle Should Poke A Barcelona Coach In The Eye Or At The Very Least Learn From Jose Mourinho

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Having read, heard, witnessed, and conducted who knows how many interviews with Owen Coyle in the last three years, you start to see a lot of patterns in the post-match reactions. Owen Coyle is obviously not a negative man and one that doesn't like to sulk. As a result, he never places the blame on his team or himself. It often turns into the other team being simply better or decisions going against Bolton Wanderers.

We've said for years that we want a reaction out of Owen. We want some fire after the matches. We want to know what went wrong, not what went right for the opposition. This is why we think that the Bolton manager can learn from Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho. The famous manager has never had an issue calling his players out or putting the blame all on his shoulders.

It was very evident after Real Madrid lost to Sevilla at the weekend. The 1-0 defeat was their second in four games to start the La Liga season and put them in 12th place, a massive eight points back of Barcelona in La Liga. Speaking after the match, Mourinho was not even close to being a happy man:

"I worry about my team and the fact that since the start of the official season we have only played well in the Super Cup, a little bit against Valencia and a little bit against Granada. That is my concern rather than points. At this moment I have no team."

"Congratulations to them -- we got what we deserved for how badly we played. At this time my team isn't up to scratch but I'm the coach and the responsibility is mine."

"It is about a state of mind and of two or three who aren't thinking like the rest. They are the minds of players which are not committed and for whom football is not a priority in their lives.

"There aren't many involved and it's complicated, but I'm coach and if there are those less committed then it is my fault,"

No mention of the referees or how well Sevilla played. We want more of that, Owen.