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MOTM v Birmingham City: Adam Bogdan

Why Jussi?  Why are these shirts so bright?
Why Jussi? Why are these shirts so bright?

I feel like Owen Coyle missed his calling. He should have been the best ever coach of an under 7's side. I can just picture him, gathering the parents up after a 15-0 drubbing, smiling grimly, and speaking at length about how hard the lads worked, how the referee had it in for us, how much we believe in what we are doing, and how that moment in the second half when little Bobby actually managed to kick the ball to a teammate instead of falling down and crying when it came near him was a sure sign of his future talent.

Coyle's perpetual rose-clored glasses must be a delightful way to see the world, and that is how I have chosen to look at Man of the Match today. Lion of Vienna Suite has a slightly used bottle of Fanta Grape (Budget cuts you know, times of austerity) just waiting to be had.

Who among the mighty Bolton Wanderers will get to suck down this carbonated goodness?

When it comes to attack, Chris Eagles has easily been our best player this season. He scored another goal today, a real cracker from 30 yards out. Unfortunately, he was somewhat anonymous for large swaths of the match.

Mark Davies played his best game of the young season, getting forward at times while overall helping give Bolton the upper hand in the center of the park.

David Ngog has made a solid return for the White's and did good work up top, although the finishing still is not there.

Finally, Adam Bogdan was once again left scrambled to cover up mistakes for our underwhelming defenders. He made several nice saves.

When Bolton were still in the Premier League, they could go away to Manchester United or Chelsea, lose 2-1, have the keeper play a blinder, and still feel pretty good about themselves going into the next match. This is not the Premier League anymore. If Bolton don't get more comfortable away from home, tighten up their defending, and finish a few chances, this season is going to get away from them.

Congratulations Adam. We really should learn how to say that in Hungarian.