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Chris Eagles Urges For Calm

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Chris Eagles has been in the Championship before. In fact, he's spent quite a bit of time in this division. With loans at Watford and Sheffield Wednesday before signing for Burnley, there's really no one in the side that knows what to expect better than him. This is also a primary reason for Eagles' success so far this season as he's scored four goals (half of Bolton's total) and assisted three of the four other goals.

Eagles has won promotion to the Premier League on two occasions (with Watford and Burnley) and knows how tough life in the Championship is. The winger went on radio this morning (with the Bolton News carrying the quote) to voice his feelings and urge the fans to have some faith.

"I'm not going to lie - it would be lovely to be in the top two but I've been in this position before,"

"People always concentrate on what's above them and the teams below them leapfrog them. You saw that happen with Reading last year."

We don't like the Reading comparison though as the Royals ran riot to win the Championship, taking full points from 15 of their last 19 games (and Bolton can't seem to string together two wins at the moment).

"In this league, there are so many games and it's a very long season. Two wins and you're in the top four. It's nuts.

"It's difficult for managers because they've got to take the responsibility of being the manager of the club, but we're a team and we stick together

"If we get two or three wins on the bounce, we'll be in the top two or three."

Hope so, Chris. Like we said in the wee morning hours: we want nothing more than for Owen Coyle and this Bolton Wanderers team to succeed.

"It annoys me when people say there are easy games. There aren't any and you can't disrespect anyone.

"It's down to who is the better team on the day and whose tactics are right. People don't understand when they say it's an easy team. We played pre-season games against lower league opposition and look how well they played.

"We are confident in every game we play. I expected to win at Birmingham and we came away losing.""I think some of the players are thinking you have to win. And that's not the case.

"If you pick up an average of two points a game in this lead then you will get automatic promotion. That's what you have got to aim for."