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Bolton Wanderers & Tottenham Medical Teams Win Award

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It took quick reactions and brilliant medical thinking to save Fabrice Muamba's life on March 9, 2012. The Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur medical teams rushed into action (along with cardiologist Andrew Deaner) and attempted to resuscitate Fabrice on the pitch as he lay there motionless. We know how it all ended as Muamba is able to continue living his life with his fiance and young son.

The teams that acted so swiftly have been recognized again for what they did, this time as winners of the "Life Savers of the Year" category at the Heart Safe Awards last night in Manchester.

Speaking following the award, Head of Medical Services for Tottenham Hotspur, Wayne Diesel said:

"We are so grateful and so humbled by this award.

"I certainly am just hoping that the awareness that we've created around the world by using a simple defibrillator and having paramedics onsite is testament to what can be done and that it does work and that it is worthwhile."

He continued, hoping that heart education would still be an important issue among the public:

"What happened on that fateful night when Fabrice collapsed will live forever in our memories.

"More important than just a memory or receiving an award however is that we continue doing everything to promote awareness of how effective resuscitation with a 'simple' defibrillator can be in saving lives. Both clubs can be justifiably proud of the work carried out by their respective medical teams and support staff."

The Spurs staff will accept the award during half-time of Sunday's match with Queens Park Rangers.