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Beer Boosts Nat Lofthouse Memorial Fund

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We here at the Lion of Vienna Suite are an uncomplicated people. We like football, and we also like beer. When these to things come together to commemorate one of our favourite players, the namesake of this blog Nat Lofthouse, we like it very much indeed. That is just what the Dunscar Bridge Brewery has done, and they've raised over £10,000 doing it.

The Dunscar Bridge Brewery created two beers: the Lion of Vienna and the Lofthouse, from which 25p of each pint sold was donated to the Nat Lofthouse Memorial Fund. The beer can be found at the Bleachwork Bar, the Reebok on match days, and recently at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival, where the Brewery managing director Pat Kitchen presented club chaplain with a cheque for £3,347. Kitchen said of the occasion,

"We were delighted to be involved in the Bolton Food Festival and our bottled beers as well as the steak and Dunscar ale pies proved highly popular. Once people tasted the beers they couldn't get enough of them and we sold more than 300 packs as people bought them to drink and as Christmas presents. The whole weekend was a great success for us and many people commented on how good our beers and the pies were."

You can find more details on Nat's statue in our previous posts about it. For the time being: drink up Bolton!