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Nigel Reo-Coker alienates another team's fans

Michael Steele

The list is growing, Nigel. West Ham United, Aston Villa, and Bolton Wanderers are all currently part of the "Reo-Coker? Done that" club and are about to welcome Ipswich Town in with open arms. I know it comes as a major shock to you all but it seems that Nigel Reo-Coker thinks he is too good for another club.

Bolton fans won't soon forget the midfielder's willingness to leave the Reebok immediately after relegation to the Championship. I had speculated in the early days of this season if Reo-Coker would be welcomed back by fans. I said I would want him back in the side but I admit, that was foolish.

Anyway, after leaving Bolton, Nigel Reo-Coker struggled to find a new team to play for and sides in the Premier League had made it clear that they didn't want the midfielder with the huge ego. After months of searching, Reo-Coker was signed by then-Ipswich manager Paul Jewell before he was sacked by the Tractor Boys in favor of Mick McCarthy.

Since signing for Ipswich in October, Reo-Coker has managed only 10 appearances in the Championship for Ipswich with no goals or assists to his name. He was offered a contract extension until the end of the season but now, he has turned it down in favor of becoming a free agent once more.

A few comments on Sky Sports' website made it clear that the Ipswich fans were more than happy to see the back of him:

The most over rated player ever, stop believing in your own hype Reo & get in the real world, when he played for WHU FC when the chips were down ( as they often are at west ham) he hid, didn't step up to the plate and blamed everyone but him.....being signed on a short term contract says it all!! Disappear to the U.S.A!.....oh no.. you can't because no one has heard of you lol !!.....could and should have been so much better but the attitude stinks!

Glad to see him leave! I don't know one fan that wanted him to stay, how he played in the prem last year I'll never know!

Ha he was our worst player by far this season.. absolutely shocking.. the two games we've the lost in our last 10 were the two games he just so happened to start.. im sure with the past he's had he'll manage to secure a contract somewhere, but honestly he is terrible.. left a huge whole in our midfield.. slow.. lazy and just a very poor performance in generaly..