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Highlights of Sunderland 0-2 Bolton Wanderers: Accessible, non-ITV version for everyone to watch

Stu Forster

For those of you that didn't make it to the Stadium of the Light, and let's be honest, the vast majority of you didn't considering that only (by the club's count on Twitter) 279 fans made the trip. Someone on Twitter suggested that the count may have been made when Fat Frank stepped out to the loo. Anyway, it's more than two days after the cup tie actually happened and we finally have found highlights (after scouring the web) that are accessible to everyone.

Because the FA Cup is a competition that still acts like it is in the 1920s, we could not watch the match live, nor did we get more than 15 seconds of game footage from the highlight show after the fact. Now, a full day after said highlight show aired, the powers at be at the FA Cup have graciously decided to allow us to grace our eyes on their YouTube account to watch our beloved Bolton Wanderers for all of 90 seconds.

Until now, the highlights were only accessible on ITV where you had to be a British citizen to get access. That means that those abroad (and there are plenty of Bolton fans abroad) could not even see the goals from a good Bolton away victory.

Andy Lonergan once again did very well in his outing and stopped some excellent Sunderland efforts. Darren Pratley's burst into the box was perfect and he won a stonewall penalty that Marvin Sordell calmly put away. Sordell's second goal was a real striker's effort as, with his back to goal, he fired in a turning half volley that, with a bit of luck, snuck underneath Simon Mignolet and sealed the deal for Bolton.