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Kevin Davies earns coaching license, congratulations in order

Charlie Crowhurst

Super Kevin Davies has taken the first major step in the quest to become a football coach (and maybe eventually a Premier League manager). According to Emma Davies' Twitter feed, the big man took and passed his final assessment and earned his UEFA B License. Congratulations are definitely in order!

According to the Football Association's website, the UEFA B License focuses on the following:

Coaches will gain detailed coaching knowledge based on functional practices, small sided (8 v 8) games and phases of play to enhance game related understanding. This knowledge will aid them to evaluate player and team performance and set goals accordingly. Coaches will also learn how to analyse matches, assess fitness, provide a psychological evaluation of players and build on nutritional awareness.

The next major step, should SKD decide to continue on, is the A Licence which aims to educate candidates on "practical and theoretical developments in modern football, so that they may devise, organise, and evaluate coaching sessions in the advanced skills, tactics, strategies and systems of play."

We certainly hope that Kevin Davies does push forward and the captain has a long future with Bolton Wanderers.