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Fiorentina want Marcos Alonso and it's a deal that could actually happen

Michael Regan

Marcos Alonso joined Bolton Wanderers some two-and-a-half years ago when Owen Coyle bought the then-19-year-old from Real Madrid for a fee believed to be in the region of £2 million or so and put him on a three year contract. Being as young as he was (and is), Alonso struggled to break into the Bolton team in his time here so far. He put in some good performances but the issue was really one of consistency. Alonso is just starting to assert his place in the team now.

There were rumors earlier this week about Nottingham Forest having an interest in Bolton's young left back but letting a prospect like that go to another team in the league is a silly one. Now, a brand new rumor has emerged that Italian Serie A side Fiorentina are very interested in the defender and it's a very interesting proposition.

Alonso's current deal with Bolton Wanderers runs out this summer and we aren't sure if anything new has been put on the table. This means that Alonso could be free to leave in the summer and Bolton Wanderers would not recoup any part of that fee they had originally paid.

According to Italian paper Gazzetta dello Sport, Fiorentina are looking for a player to compete with 30-year-old left back Manuel Pasqual for a spot in the near future. The Italian paper say that Fiorentina would be willing to pay a fraction of Alonso's original transfer fee in order to bringing him to Italy sooner than the summer with one of our sources saying around £500,000.

According to Gazzetta, signing Alonso would allow Fiorentina to free up 26-year-old midfielder Christian Llama for a sale to Parma or Palermo.

The financial loss for Bolton is an issue because the club is obviously still in debt. However, those worries may be alleviated if the potential deal involves a selling-on fee in which Bolton Wanderers would receive a portion of any potential sale.

Losing Alonso will come as a blow to Bolton's future as Alonso is a highly-rated prospect for the Trotters but in terms of the present, he is Bolton's only natural left back. Sam Rickets can cover the position as he has done in the past on numerous occasions but that comes as a worry as he is not having the best season.