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Reebok crews work through the night in hopes of keeping cup clash on

Marco Luzzani

Winter can be a frigid mistress at times. With Bolton Wanderers all set to take on Everton at the Reebok Stadium, the snow is pounding down on Greater Manchester. It's coming down so heavily that even despite the undersoil heating at the ground, there is a very real danger that the FA Cup clash between the Trotters and the Toffees may be called off. This all comes a week after snow and freezing temperatures threatened Bolton's match away to Crystal Palace.

There are reports of anywhere between six inches and a foot of snow in Greater Manchester and it doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon. As a result, the ground crews at the Reebok are working into the very late hours of the night in order to get the ground prepared as best they can:

But even if the pitch looks good, there is still a chance that the match may not go ahead if roads and parking lots are deemed unsafe to those travelling. We'll keep you informed of any major developments.