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Trotters playing hardball with Fiorentina over Alonso

Michael Steele

Marcos Alonso's immediate future is still very much up in the air. The left back is out of contract in the summer and had already turned down an offer from the Trotters. Fiorentina want Alonso as left back cover and to free up midfielder Cristian Llama for a sale to Parma. However, they do not want to wait until it gets all warm outside before completing the detail and have offered Bolton a nominal fee for Alonso's services.

The Trotters aren't playing nicely though and they have good reason not to.

Alonso is the only natural left back on Bolton's books at the moment and should they let him go, the choice would be to scramble to purchase someone new or field Sam Ricketts in that position.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Fiorentina's Sporting Director, Daniele Prade, admitted that they wanted to bring Alonso in before tomorrow's transfer deadline but it doesn't look like that will happen:

"I think it would be hard to take him right away, because Bolton are making a stand.

"If we don't find an agreement with them, then we will do everything in June."