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Confirmed: Fulham put in a bid for David Ngog on loan

Goodbye for now?
Goodbye for now?
Michael Steele

Last night the rumour that Fulham wanted to secure the services of David Ngog surfaced, and they were supposedly going to put up £2.5 million for the 23 year-old ex-Liverpool man. Bolton Wanderers have confirmed that Fulham have put in a verbal bid for Ngog, although the terms are slightly different: a loan for the rest of the season looking to buy in the summer (as confirmed by Marc Iles on his deadline day live blog).

While it would obviously be preferable to take the money and run, a loan is not a bad option necessarily. Bolton have quite a few options at striker, and Ngog has never been consistent for the Trotters. His exit would open up chances for those in the squad who need to prove themselves (looking at you, Marvin Sordell), and would presumably put his wages in Fulham's lap.

There is no indication at the moment whether or not the club will go for the loan offer. Do you think it would be wise for Freedman to send the Frenchman away?