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Stoke City reportedly showing interest in Chung-Yong Lee

Ross Kinnaird

It seems that Tony Pulis has his eye on Bolton Wanderers in this transfer window. With all the talk of Marcos Alonso, it seems that Chung-Yong Lee has entered their minds as well. Stoke have long been admires of Chungy with rumors of their interest stretching back a couple of transfer windows now.

According to talkSPORT and at least one report out of London, it seems that Stoke City are indeed very interested in Bolton's Korean winger. The rumor values Chungy at £5 million but that figure honestly seems too low. Either way, Stoke are unwilling to pay that price and are apparently trying to offer a part-exchange deal.

We're not taking too much stock on it as the potential loss of Marcos Alonso along with Chung-Yong Lee would leave Bolton reeling with a lack of wide options both in defense and on the attack. All of the potential signings for Bolton have pointed to central players and there doesn't seem to be enough time to restock the wings. In terms of fit, naturally wide players, Bolton Wanderers would only have Chris Eagles and Gregg Wylde left. That doesn't sound too promising.