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Transfer updates: Medo undergoing Bolton medical among others

Michael Steele

Bolton Wanderers have a knack for making transfer confirmations take absolutely forever. Medo is still not a Bolton player but details are trickling out little by little. Marc Iles of the Bolton News has just revealed that Medo is having a medical with the club as the (hopeful) move draws ever closer.

A Medo-cal, if you will.

We asked Iles if the medical means that the move does have international clearance or if it's being done as a precaution in order to move the deal along. Iles said on his liveblog:

Think they are working in tandem. Very sure this will get done tonight and there's a nice story to it too.

Can't wait to hear it.

On the confirmation front, Bolton have been very quiet today on the confirmation front as we're still waiting for the Medo and Cian Bolger deals to be completed. We are also waiting for the club to comment on Marcos Alonso one way or another. Marc Iles has also said that the Trotters expect at least one loan to go out tonight with the smart money being on Gregg Wylde.

Wylde was rumored set to leave for Hibernian in the Scottish Premier League.

Elsewhere, the Chung-Yong Lee to Stoke rumor does not appear to be a real thing that can actually happen, just like we suspected, as it would be simply foolish for Bolton.