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David Wheater and Mark Davies retracted from reserve game

Tom Shaw

After some speculation and quotes from Dougie Freedman saying that David Wheater and Mark Davies would both play in tonight's reserve game against Oldham Athletic, it seems that the two have been scratched.

For the sake of reminder, this was the quote from Dougie Freedman:

"I have got Josh Vela, David Wheater, Stuart Holden and Mark Davies, four players that could be part of the starting 11, four players that are big players for this club, that are two weeks away," he said. "In all honesty, that extra game is good for us.

"They might play (against Sunderland). They are players that are training every day.

"They are going to play in a game [today]. Possibly Mark will miss the replay but it is an extra game down the line for them."

According to a new piece from the Bolton News:

There is no place, however, for Mark Davies and David Wheater - who Dougie Freedman has revealed are both close to a first team return and could feature in the FA Cup replay at Sunderland in a week's time.

It is a shame for sure but better safe than sorry. However, the implications there are that Mark Davies is in fact closer to a first team return than first thought.