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Holden completes 60 minutes in reserve run out

Stuart Holden's return for Bolton Wanderers' reserves is now complete and he has gone off the field. Bolton Wanderers are 2-0 up on Oldham Athletic at the County Ground in Leyland thanks to Chris Lester and Jack Sampson. Holden completed 70 minutes and looked comfortable on the field.

When Holden was involved in the play (which wasn't a huge amount), our man at the match, Chris Manning, described him as "running the show." Most importantly, Holden was looking fit. There were a few tweet after the match about Holden's knee but Chris, who is at the ground, is refuting that.

In all of the commotion about Holden, we don't want you to forget that young Josh Vela was also a part of the action for the reserves. He looked "solid" on the field, as Chris described him. We can't wait to see what he can do for Bolton in hopefully the near future. Vela ended up going 75 minutes.

There is a chance that these players will see action against Sunderland.