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Jan Gregus signals Bolton Wanderers intent ahead of transfer

Chris Brunskill

So, 21-year-old Slovakian central midfielder Jan Gregus is not a Bolton Wanderers player, at least not yet anyway. The deal (according to various reports) is between 90% and 99% done. We don't have any official details about the deal yet with those same reports saying that the initial loan is anywhere from six months to a year before Bolton have the option to make it permanent.

Despite the fact that Gregus isn't a Bolton Wanderer (at the moment), it hasn't stopped the soon-to-be-22-year-old from dropping a few quotes in Slovakian sport newspaper... Sport (by way of Sky Sports):

"The coach saw me in the match against Romania and wanted me to come. I am not interested in joining any other clubs."

"The facilities at Bolton are superb. The training centre is top class but that's something they are used to here, I guess.

"The stadium is just beautiful and I'm looking forward to my new spell.

"I'm happy. If someone had told me during the autumn that I would be at a Championship club in the spring, I would not have believed it."

Elsewhere, in Czech newspaper Blesk, Banik Ostrava executive Michal Dyml echoed what he said on Sunday about Bolton and Banik's negotiations for Gregus:

"Gregus' move to Bolton is 90 per cent done and only an administrative issue can ruin it.

"I cannot reveal any details from this deal. But if the player should stay at Bolton beyond the first year, then we would reach more interesting figures."