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Stu Holden injury update: "no unknowns," back on the field by December


With the United States taking on Jamaica in their final home World Cup qualifier later in the evening, Stu Holden strapped on his skinny jeans and stepped into the Fox Sports 1 studios to talk US Men's National Team and, more importantly for Bolton fans, his recovery. Holden has of course been out since the Yanks' Gold Cup tournament over the summer where he tore his ACL in the final, a match that ultimately saw the American lift the trophy.

Since then, it's been a bit quiet on the Holden front with the Bolton Wanderers midfielder diligently working on his recovery in a bid to make it back to the Reebok Stadium to make his case for the World Cup.

In what was a brief interview that managed to shed a lot of light on the situation,  Holden spoke to Fox's Rob Stone about his recovery:

"I tore my ACL on final against Panama and for me it was a major setback.  You know it was crushing at the time but once again I know what I have to do to get myself I'm healthy and there's no unknowns like there was with my last injuries.

"The surgery has been done, I'm now nine weeks post-op. Doing some great work rehab-wise, just started some slow jogging and you know really building my strength up and the next 2-3 months are going to be exciting for me because I'll be getting back to playing.

"To December, I'm looking to be out on the field. You know doing since stepping up my rehab in terms of you know doing some ball work, stepping up my fitness and getting that core fitness back and just make sure that my knee's, you know, comfortable in cutting and all the hard turns on the little things that you experience in a game."

Holden was then asked if being available for the United States in time for a World Cup trip to Brazil was a realistic goal:

"100%. I mean you always like to dangle a carrot in front of yourself and that certainly is mine. I did it last time, I broke my leg eight weeks before the World Cup in South Africa and you know, made it back to that team and that's definitely a big goal for me.

"We talked briefly after the injury happened and [Jurgen Klinsmann] was the first one to console me and I told him, looked into his eyes and told him and I said 'I'll be on that plane to Brazil' and I don't plan to go back on my word."

The full interview is available below although whether it plays outside of the United States is a different issue. There is a transcript below the video but it's pretty clear that it was created automatically and is full of errors.