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Just how badly do we need Liam Feeney?

Millwall are making some noise about recalling the winger after 1 1/2 good performances. Should Bolton supporters be worried?

Julian Finney

By now it's all over the news that Millwall F.C. have contemplated recalling Liam Feeney unless Bolton Wanderers sign him permanently. Feeney's been quite popular at the Reebok during his brief stay and he's seemed to find his form with the Trotters, something that has caught the eye of Millwall manager Steve Lomas.

We're all about accuracy and research here at LoVS, so I started thinking about two things while tackling the Millwall sites: 1) Just how likely is it that Millwall will recall Feeney (or is this just a scare since he'll walk away at the end of his contract this summer) and 2) Just how badly do we need Feeney here with us?

Turns out that Feeney ranks pretty low for Lomas,  but their loanee Martyn Waghorn doesn't. Hypothetically, the nice chunk of money that we spend on Feeney could help them keep their newly found striker. Millwall sent James Henry to Wolverhampton earlier this month which leaves the club with only 2 wingers (who both play on the left, no less). So you can see how some fans would be happy to have Feeney back at Millwall; keeping Feeney would be cheaper for Millwall than replacing him, leaving enough room for a fund to keep Waghorn.

Unless we buy him off their hands. Come January we keep Feeney and Millwall has money they wouldn't have if Feeney went to another club. Seems like a win-win, doesn't it?

Millwall seems to be in a bit of a rough spot at the moment (possibly an understatement, but I can't gloat when we're the Wanderers can I?) and Feeney would possibly help them now that he's hit his form. Lomas hasn't used Feeney in a way that contributes to the team like Dougie Freedman has.

Now onto the more pressing matter: do we need Feeney or not?

And the answer, as I'm sure you'll guess is yes.

yes yes yes YES.

In his 3 appearances for Bolton Feeney's really impressed me with just how much impact he's had. Call me silly but I don't think it's any sort of coincidence that we shaped up as soon as Feeney, Kevin McNaughton and Neil Danns showed up. I know that we're pressed for money ourselves right about now, but something could be scrounged together for Feeney, especially because he won't cost the £350,000 paid to A.F.C. Bournemouth almost 3 years ago.

It'll be tough to get Eddie Davis to approve of another salary at the end of the day, but Feeney could be the start of a Wanderers team that work their way back to the top. At the end of the day, isn't that worth it?