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Bolton v Sheffield Wednesday: Match Highlights

Enter at your own risk.

Tom Shaw

Do you like to torture yourself?  Is pain and suffering a turn on for you?  In that case, you are in the right place.  The 2013-2014 Bolton Wanderers season is definitely what you are looking for.  Here at Lion of Vienna Suite, we don't judge you, and we certainly don't condemn you for your fetishes.  In fact, we are enablers.  We understand that you haven't had the proper stimulation that only relegation level football (From the Championship!) can bring since Saturday.  For that you need to go to YouTube.

It turns that BWFC has an official YouTube channel.  You can go here to see 60 second highlights of the Bolton Wanderers home draw versus Sheffield Wednesday.  Or you can just click on it below.

You may have noticed Bolton Wanderers scored two goals in that match.  And people say we have trouble finishing...