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Gary Fraser 'set for lengthy suspension'

Och aye, who's a naughty boy then?

Fraser (L), ready to unleash a Stone Cold Stunner
Fraser (L), ready to unleash a Stone Cold Stunner
Mark Runnacles

News has emerged overnight that Wanderers' young midfielder Gary Fraser is set for a 'lengthy' suspension following a shocking display of on-field violence whilst playing out on loan at Partick Thistle.

Fraser has been cited by the Scottish Football Association for 'punching a player on the opposition team and thereafter kicking him repeatedly on the head and body'. Shocking stuff.

The opponent in question is Chris Kane, of Dunfermline. It also appears that the incident happened in an SFA Under 20's match which developed into a mass brawl between both teams, with Fraser reported by the match referee for his part in the fracas.

However, Fraser has an ally in coach coach John Potter, who said:

"It was an ugly collision. Gary lost the plot for a few seconds but it's ridiculous to suggest it's worthy of a one-year ban.

"He came into the dressing room after the game to apologise and Chris was happy to accept that. Chris is someone who knows the game and is no shrinking violet himself so I'm sure he'd be happy to speak in defence of the severity of the incident."

Kane was sent off for retaliating as well as Thistle's Dale Keenan, with all three players now banned for two games.

However, SFA officer Vincent Lunny has reportedly notified Fraser's club that he has also been charged with breaching SFA's disciplinary guidelines, which if found guilty, could mean a one-year ban from football, or a 16-match suspension.

The player's fate will be decided at a disciplinary hearing at Hampden on November 14.