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Bolton Wanderers 1 v 1 Ipswich Town: Immediate Reaction

Anna is very optimistic post match today.

Matthew Lewis

Credit should be given when it's due, so here's to Jermaine Beckford.

In what seemed like a very flat game that lost it's tempo early on, Beckford was the one who consistently sprang up and tried to make things happen. Having someone like him is important for us at this point in the season because we need some sort of gritty determination if we plan on making it to the top of the table (which, for the record, we do.)

And then, after all his hard work and perseverance, Medo Kamara seized the opportunity with a beautiful free kick that went up and over and into the far corner for a Bolton lead that we've all been waiting for.

But you know Bolton, and happiness can only last so long before we have to start fighting for it again. A David McGoldrick volley leveled the game at 1, which was ultimately the final score.

Sure, the game was dull at times and yes, we didn't keep a clean sheet, but there's no denying that we've made improvements, albeit small ones, that could make or break the season for us when the time comes. It was mostly Beckford doing the work today in my opinion, but Chung-Yong Lee was making opportunities and Chris Eagles' entrance livened the tempo and even Neil Danns saw the ball a lot towards the end and for once I felt that maybe we're on our way to being a team with multiple go-to guys. Andy Lonergan seemed very solid in the net, making some amazing saves when we needed him too. The thought of all this is enough to settle even the more worrisome of fans (which, if you didn't know, is me).

Maybe it wasn't the result any of us wanted or maybe it was, but what I do know is that our season is far from over. Any time I even think about lowering my expectations to mid table or just barely missing relegation, this team starts fighting back and shows me some signs of life, even if very small. If we can turn things around and start winning until Christmas, I have a feeling we'll be resting comfortably near the top come the end of the season.