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5 Things We Learned: Bolton Wanderers v Millwall

It was quite a lesson this week. Anna has more.

Matthew Lewis

1. We

2. could

3. actually

4. be

5. promoted.

After the show we saw this weekend, there's no way that I'll settle for anything less than promotion. We've been playing wonderful football (give or take some minor things) for the last couple of weeks and I see us finally(!!!!!!) coming into form. A solid performance from both the offense AND defense signify that there's hope for the coming games, and that things are finally looking up. Stellar goals from Jermaine Beckford, Rob Hall and a first goal from Andrè Moritz coupled with a pretty solid defense solidified the first home win for us but what does that mean for the season going forward?

Some will bring up Tim Ream's failed defensive play that led to Millwall's sole goal, but I honestly don't think it's any reason to worry. No one is expecting perfection (okay, so maybe I might be) but the whole point of football is to score goals. Letting teams score isn't an issue that will hurt us majorly since we have found our own ability to score; as long as we're scoring, one goal here or there won't doom us to relegation. (Plus have you seen how great Andy Lonergan is playing?!) We came out and attacked from the very beginning and although the game was tough at times and not very pretty, we played the football we needed to play and got the win we needed to get. So from me to you, it's okay to be optimistic, to be thrilled, to think maybe we've got a shot. I know as Bolton fans we're intrinsically wired to expect the worst because it might be what we've come to know, but I've got a good feeling about this squad and I know that they won't let us down.