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Passion over Fashion: Part II

Guest writer Jonny Unsworth ponders the 'brains v brawn' approach.

I am the one and only, ain't nobody I'd rather be
I am the one and only, ain't nobody I'd rather be
Stu Forster

After last weeks grinding, yet comfortable win at Bournemouth, I would assume I was not the only fan expecting the Trotters to pick up a home win against Millwall. However, the manner in which we picked the 3 points up was highly encouraging.

With the relentless quartet of Tim Ream, Matt Mills, Jay Spearing and Medo Kamara, we are without doubt taking the tenacious approach over trickery.

It cannot often be said in recent weeks that a defensive error was to blame for losing a goal, yet although the ever improving American Tim Ream should have done better for the Millwall goal, his reaction both afterwards and for the remainder of the game sums up the passion in our club.

It is a shame we reach a international break whilst we are on a lengthy unbeaten run in my opinion, yet 2 weeks away from a competitive game allows the likes of silky smooth magician Andre Moritz, the powerhouse Craig Davies and the unquestionable talent of Mark Davies more time to build fitness after frustrating injury periods.

Once players are fit could Dougie Freedman's biggest problem be picking the most effective 11 to keep up the point gaining momentum? Answers on a postcard.

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