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Watford 0 Bolton Wanderers 1: Immediate Reaction

Anna has an immediate reaction to a spectacular away win for the Mighty Bolton Wanderers.

Matthew Lewis

Jermaine Beckford seems to be on his way to becoming some sort of scoring god. Disregard all previous critiques and comments about the Bolton Wanderer because we were wrong (I think).

The first half showed us a very impressive 45 minutes from Wanderers, who defended pretty well for the most part, while also seizing on a Manuel Almunia mistake to take the lead. The second half was a bit slower and more grueling, with Darren Pratley losing a couple of balls in the midfield and some glitches here and there, but we managed to hold on tight and make it through with the help of Neil Danns being everywhere and that win (along with a beautiful clean sheet) was ours. Rightfully so, too.

I won't bore you with the same old "We're getting better" talk that I've become known for, but I still think it's all true. There's been definite improvement and while we're not nearly to the point that we, as fans, should expect, things are looking up. Kevin McNaughton, Tim Ream, Matt Mills, Danns, Beckford and even Alex Baptiste and Andre Moritz have given consistently stellar performances. It's not enough to keep us going forever, but it's a start that could lead to some wonderful things.

Hopefully these wins away from home will lower the pressure once the team heads back to play at the Reebok because with an improving team like this and the best home fans in the world, who knows what we can do this season!