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Man of The Match: Bolton Wanderers v Doncaster Rovers

Who gets the refreshing bottle of grape soda after Saturday's decisive victory?

Chris Brunskill

Those of you who read me often (not that I write terribly often) know my feelings about how to win a football match. I believe it all comes down to defending. Short term or long term, one match or twenty, the side that defends the best usually wins. I have been blogging about Bolton Wanderers on two sites for over six years, and I have been harping on the defending since I first began. I warn you now, today's post will be no different.

Let's start with the popular choice: Andre Moritz. He scored a goal. He created another. His passes are pinpoint, his control was immaculate. In other words, the polar opposite of what we saw in the Huddersfield match on Tuesday night.

The second candidate: Joe Mason. Young. Confident. On loan from Cardiff City. The striker scored a goal on his debut. An awkward goal, but a goal nonetheless.

The third candidate: Chris Eagles. His return was marked by several attacking runs, and the aggressive play that Bolton have been missing for the least couple matches. That said, he really wasn't very effective overall.

The fourth candidate: Darren Pratley. Bolton Wanderers supporters run hot and cold on Mr. Pratley. Two weeks ago he would have been given away for a warm pint of lager in the January sales. Now we are all devastated that he will miss the Wigan Match due to suspension.

The fifth candidate: Matt Mills. Along with his ever-present partner Tim Ream, Mills controlled the Bolton penalty area. That has been happening with more consistency recently. But the big surprise this past weekend was Mills' passing. All of a sudden, his long diagonal balls were, gasp, finding Bolton players. He even looked composed under pressure from time to time. It is because of this epic performance, in what ha sheen a long run of epic performances, that Matt Mills wins the Lion of Vienna Suite Man of The Match.

Who would you give it to? Vote below, and be sure to explain your answer in the comments!