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Immediate Reaction: Wigan Athletic 3 v Bolton Wanderers 2

Anna managed to pull herself up off the floor and write something, the rest of us will take a bit longer to recover.

Clint Hughes

"No no no no no.

Just no.

Let's all petition to set our alarms back a day, get into bed and meet up at the DW again tomorrow or something?

After two very early goals from Wigan Athletic thanks to Ben Watson and Nick Powell, that's the way I was going to start this reaction. The first half was all Wigan, and things were looking bad for Bolton Wanderers. In fact, the only silver lining for the first 45 minutes was Stu Holden's arrival.

Then I contemplated deleting everything I'd written because the second half was a fresh start. And what a start it was. Neil Danns scored the first goal and then a penalty on Chung-Yong Lee gave Andre Moritz the chance to equalize. Bolton were back in the game and it was all Wanderers for a while, each pass clearly thought out and perfected to at least allow us a point for the day. Down nil-2 at the half and coming back 2-2 so quickly? Surely it would have been a comeback to look back on for ages, especially if it was against Wigan.

But amid all the excitement, it seems everyone forgot about the threat that is Callum McManaman. Left completely unmanned, McManaman drilled one into the net to give Wigan the lead back and left Bolton attacking (or, at least, semi-attacking).

Mark Davies made his return appearance shortly after, gaining the loudest cheers of the day when he stepped out onto the pitch. Substitutions like Mavies, Jermaine Beckford (in for Darren Pratley) and Rob Hall on for Chungy proved to be a no-go as Bolton eventually lost 3-2.

I could spend ages recounting everything that we did wrong, but literally just go read any article from the past and you'll be caught up. Instead, let's focus on the fact we score two goals (yay!) and that Mark Davies is back (FINALLY).

As for that alarm, maybe I'll set it back after all.