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LOV Fantasy Football Update

Anyone who hasn't got Suarez deserves the sack, tbf

Can't believe I didn't pick Suarez as captain
Can't believe I didn't pick Suarez as captain
Chris Brunskill

Another fascinating week in the Premier League.

Liverpool tonked Spurs for five, and Manchester United ambled to a 3-0 win over a lacklustre Aston Villa. The wheels are starting to come off the Arsenal train as they shipped six to Manchester City who will be suffering from now on considering the injury sustained to star man Sergio Aguero. Two goals from Arsenal man Theo Walcott again prompted calls for him to be played as striker - but careful analysis of the goals he scored led to them both being attributed to goalkeeper-error so that puts that ridiculous theory to bed. Walcott as a striker...whatever next!

Player of the Week is (again) Luis Suarez of Liverpool. Two goals, three assists AND bonus points all combined to make him the must-have captain in most teams. He has 136pts for this season alone with 17 goals in 11 games. Phenomenal.

The LOV League is coming along nicely. Long-term leader Gareth Entwistle of The Ultrasound Guys leads the way on 1,061pts, closely followed by Neil Henry in second place with 1,031pts. Third place goes to Stephen Parry who has accumulated 1,012pts.

Fourth place goes to Aaron Knight with 'Freedman Out' - I highly doubt it's the same Aaron Knight who plays for our reserves!

Team of the Week

Jussi Jaaskelainen (West Ham) 11pts

Jon Flanagan (Liverpool) 13pts, Seamus Coleman (Everton) 10pts, Ben Turner (Cardiff) 9pts

Fernandinho (Man City) 15pts, Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) 13pts, Theo Walcott (Arsenal) 13pts, Leon Osman (Everton) 13pts, Peter Whittingham (Cardiff) 11pts

Luis Suarez (Liverpool) 22pts, Danny Welbeck (Man Utd) 12pts