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No Loan Renewal for Danns or McNaughton? Really?

Can't be real, can it?

Chris Brunskill

Ahead of the Boxing Day clash away to Barnsley, Bolton Wanderers manager Dougie Freedman has come out with a strange comment to the B.E.N in which he has said that he has yet to approach Cardiff and Leicester City with regards to the loan moves of Kevin McNaughton and Neil Danns.

McNaughton and Danns have been fine additions to the Wanderers side since their arrival at the club, and for the manager to come out and state that he has yet to have the foresight to even pick up the phone to the parent clubs yet again gives an insight in the aloofness that has become a Freedman hallmark.

Whether he's just giving the paper a line, or whether it's actually true - anyone can see that both Danns and McNaughton have brought a calmness to Wanderers and have contributed during their loan spell with the club.

To ignore this and give such minimal thought to what would happen after the expiration of their loan deals is quite frankly bizarre.

I hope Dougie is trolling us, but I'm starting to think he's just an idiot.