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Question Time: Leicester City

Chris has a chat with a Leicester City fan and gets the skinny on both them and us.....

Leicester in action against minnows Notts Forest
Leicester in action against minnows Notts Forest
Tim Keeton

This weekend sees Bolton Wanderers head to Leicester in the final league game of 2013.

We spoke to Leicester fan Mike Root, a 23 year old from South Leicestershire who very kindly answered our questions on Bolton, Beckford and boo-boys:

1. Describe your season so far

It's been nothing short of excellent. I was a bit weary going into the season as we didn't do much in the transfer market and our pre-season didn't go particularly well and it looked like we still had last season's play-off defeat still lingering in the back of our minds, but we've started on fire.

In the end, I think not doing much business in the summer has been a blessing in disguise. Last season we had the yougnest squad in the Championship and in keeping them together for another season you can see we've really grown. Players like Danny Drinkwater, Liam Moore, Matty James and Jamie Vardy look twice the players they were last season.

2. We have ex-Leicester men Beckford, Danns and Mills in our side - were you sorry to see them leave your club?

No. They were all players who were signed by Sven-Goran Eriksson who seemed to throw money at everything. All three players were known to be given extremely high and unsustainable Premier League level wages on arrival and regardless of their actual quality it just wasn't sensible to keep any of them while we were still in the Championship.

That said, and with all due respect (I'm not sure how they are rated in Bolton), but all 3 players always had the look of average and/or wildly inconsistent Championship players and the players we have now in their positions are much better and/or much more consistent players at this level.

3. How do you see the rest of the season panning out?

Well, I'm weary of history repeating itself considering how well we started last season and the fact we were 2nd at the beginning of February until out late season collapse. However, given that it's largely the same squad as last time out, I'm hoping the players will have learnt and grown from last season and we can sustain our good form until May. I certainly think this is our best chance of getting promotion back to the Premier League in the 10 years since we were last there.

4. Which Bolton player do you fear most ahead of Saturday?

Well, Beckford will probably be fired up against us given that he was a bit of a "boo boy" here and will no doubt grab a goal.

5. Do you have a score prediction?

Bolton are a decent side, but the way we are playing at home I feel like we can win every game and am going for a 2-1 Leicester win.

We would like to thank Mike for his time and wish him and his club the very best of luck - except of course for when they come up against the mighty Bolton Wanderers.