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5 Things We Learned: Leicester City v Bolton Wanderers

Anna is a student, an optimist, and a Bolton Supporter. She combines all three to share five things we learned from Sunday's loss.

Matthew Lewis

1. Conceding goals

I guess I haven't really learned much that's considered "new" about us conceding goals, unless you count the heart-breaking realization I have every week that we do it too often. You know what they say though, sometimes learning lessons hurts.

2. André Moritz

I'd have to give Moritz man of the match, personally (My colleague @elliot_turnbull agrees). He kept us in this game when I thought that it was over 5 minutes in and if we could get a performance like that out of him every week, there wouldn't be any need to worry. Actually, if we could get any player to give the performance Moritz did then we'd be set.

3. Matt Mills and Tim Ream

We spent a very long time at the beginning of this season trying to find the best spot for Tim Ream. Eventually, we found that the combination of Mills and Ream was what kept our defense together. Due to tactical movements, the duo was split up today and what happened? The defense fell apart. Oh, and Mills had a pretty bad game. At least we don't play Leicester City every week.

4. Dougie Freedman

I get it, I really do. Some of you want Dougie gone. It's understandable at this point. That option just isn't for me. I can't see anyone who wouldn't end up where Dougie is right now after a year. This is an issue with the very infrastructure of the club and I'm afraid it won't be fixed easily, especially if we constantly change managers hoping for the impossible quick fix.

5. Chris Manning is a man of his word

For those of you who missed it on twitter, my Lion of Vienna Suite colleague Chris (@19manning83) had the idea to have one beer for every goal Bolton scored or conceded. He must have been onto something, or so I think, so I suggest that next game, he has a beer for every goal Bolton scores. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be good luck and we'll actually score and not concede.

Maybe not, but then again, can't a girl dream?