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Bolton Wanderers v Huddersfield Town: Immediate Reaction

Anna's got a reaction to today's loss, and even she can't be positive after that performance!

Scott Heavey

Well that was...something.

I'm not sure what, but it was definitely something.

Maybe we all just got used to well-played games (I know I did) and this was that much more disappointing after that streak we had. But I can't say I didn't expect at least something along these lines. Of course we'd be somewhat slow and basically lifeless during this game. This squad relies so much on confidence and I wouldn't be surprised if after last week, they've been shaken up. Someone asked during the match what we do during training, seeing as we couldn't even handle a simple pass and move, but the truth is, I think the players aren't comfortable enough yet to do anything more. Which, surprise surprise! is an issue. We need innovative, daring players who look alive on the pitch and are running wild. Of course confidence has a part in the quality of play, but is it just me who thinks that maybe, just maybe, it plays too much a part in our play? We have talent, we really do, but sometimes you wouldn't know watching us play.

The first half was flat out boring. So boring I can't even sugarcoat it and that's saying something. There were chances for us courtesy of Andre Moritz but when the talk of the half is that Zat Knight is playing, you know that there isn't much happening. The second half on the other hand, quite entertaining. If you're Huddersfield that is. A mistake by Medo Kamara allowed Oliver Norwood to strike from 30 yards out and take the lead during the 72nd minute of play. At one point, desperation seemed to have kicked in and we finally started attacking, even taking Knight up front for us. But, unfortunately, none of it worked.

The first half was decent enough, but once Rob Hall and Moritz were taken off, it's like the little energy we had was drained and we were left clueless clattering around for the ball. I'm not sure what's going on, but here's to hoping Dougie Freedman does because it looks like it's back to the drawing board for us.