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He's back!

Michael Steele

Bolton Wanderers have, in a PR masterstroke, temporarily distracted supporters still (rightfully, in my opinion) grumbling about last night's disastrous 0-1 home defeat to Huddersfield Town by posting a photograph taken from the training ground that shows both Josh Vela and Mark Davies preparing to take part in a behind-closed-doors friendly with local side Rochdale.

Mark Davies has been out since February when he suffered a serious knee injury just days after signing a new four year contract with the club. His creativity has been sorely missed and I certainly hope that he comes back as the player he was before his injury. We need him more than we realise.

Josh Vela, a much-heralded product of the club's Academy has found his progression stunted of late with various injuries - his return will be a much-needed boost to a troubled midfield.

Let's hope both have a disaster-free afternoon.....