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Immediate Reaction: Bolton Wanderers v Doncaster Rovers

Anna's optimism is warranted this week, yet she has taken the level-headed view. What a show by the Mighty Wanderers!

Tony Marshall

Remember last week's torturous match?

Well don't, because it was all just part of a horrible two-week nightmare, a slip up in our long-term run up the table.

3 goals AND a clean sheet? Much more like it.

Bolton Wanderers were attacking from the get go, and although there were numerous shots that were always just wide of the goal or hit the post, I had a good feeling about the game from the very beginning. The momentum stayed up all half long, we dominated possession, and before we even knew it, Bolton were leading 2-0 going into the half thanks to goals from Joe Mason and Andre Moritz. The second half was much like the first (except one goal instead of two) with Bolton playing just as fast and pressuring just as much. Chris Eagles joined Mason and Moritz and all 3 looked dangerously good until it was Neil Danns that delivered the third and final goal. Andy Lonergan and the defense headed by Matt Mills and Tim Ream squashed any hopes Doncaster had of scoring.

While this win was brilliant and just what we needed, this isn't us being cleared of all (or any) of our troubles. I'm more than pleased that Dougie Freedman made such a line-up change today, it obviously helped us out a lot. But, there's still some things that need to be resolved. There's always a bit of fear when we start looking comfortable, that's obviously when we make our biggest mistakes. We got a multitude of free kicks and corners today, but we hardly ever get anything from them. When we get a reputation for being unable to make the most of these situations, teams won't be bothered to let us have them. We need to be a threat from every possible angle, which is something we could easily work on with the strikers we've got.

But for now, this win is ours and it's brought down a lot of barriers between the team and the home crowd. With a very important stretch of games coming up, it'll be interesting to see if Freedman and the Whites will rise up to the challenge.