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Dubious Goals Committee takes away Craig Dawson's opener, rule it an own goal

With Jay Spearing standing over the ball and four minutes of additional first half time just about at an end, Bolton Wanderers had just one more chance to go ahead at Pride Park before entering the locker room. The midfielder sent the ball sailing into the box and on target for Craig Dawson and the man marking him: Richard Keogh.

When the ball hit the back of the net, it was impossible to tell who got the last touch. It was Craig Dawson who wheeled away to celebrate though as Bolton were on the scoreboard. That, coupled with every news outlet crediting the goal to Dawson, made it easy to assume that the defender had scored his first goal in a Bolton shirt.

The Dubious Goals Committee didn't see it that way though. They have decided that fun is wrong, candy is sour, and puppies are bad. In doing so, they have confirmed that Craig Dawson did not get the goal and have instead awarded an own goal to Richard Keogh.