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Man of the Match v. Derby: Adam Bogdan

It is with remorse that we return to our MOTM standby, Adam Bogdan....

Charlie Crowhurst

While it certainly was less of a foregone conclusion than it has been in the past, once again Adam Bogdan takes home our highly coveted man of the match award, not necessarily because he did well (although he did), but more because everyone else's performance was highly ordinary in yet another disappointing draw.

Chris Eagles, who was our automatic pick earlier in the season, is still firmly in his rut of form, something he's been struggling with for a while now. Our midfield stalwart, Jay Spearing, didn't do too poorly, but it is fair to say that his continually misplaced passes played a big part in Derby's dominance throughout the match. Craig Davies did not shine by any means, but this was largely due to his lack of service, and on another day he certainly could've bagged a few goals. But Tuesday was not that day and he didn't really do enough to justify earning MOTM.

And so, Boggers finds himself the lucky winner of our MOTM award against Derby. It was not a vintage Bogdan performance, but he was by far the busier goalkeeper. He made some very good instinctual saves, and it would be difficult to blame him for Derby's late equaliser (I think the blame rests pretty firmly on Sam Ricketts' broad Welsh shoulders).

Who would you MOTM be?