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Halftime: Bolton Wanderers take early lead, Stu Holden makes league return

Bolton Wanderers started very well against Peterborough. It took a little bit longer than it did on Saturday for the Trotters to open the scoring but lo and behold, it was the Jay Spearing to Craig Dawson combination that put Bolton ahead. Bolton won a corner on five minutes and, after being forced to retake it, Jay Spearing's ball found the head of Craig Dawson at the near post in Posh's box.

While that was all well and good, the big story of the first half came 20 minutes laters. Mark Davies took what seemed like an innocuous challenge during the run of play. Something caught the midfielder the wrong way and it caused him to writhe in agony on the ground. Despite the stretcher coming on, Mark Davies was able to walk off on his own power. He tried to run the injury off but simply could not and asked for a substitution.

The move meant that it was time for Stu Holden to make his return and on the 24 minute mark, the American (who had not played a league match in nearly two years) stood on the halfway line with three sides of the Reebok Stadium standing and applauding.

At the time of writing, Bolton Wanderers lead 1-0.